Collage of Cooperative Learning Activity
IASCE, established in 1979, is the only international, non-profit organization for educators who research and practice cooperative learning in order to promote student academic improvement and democratic, social processes.

What does IASCE do?
  • Supports the development and dissemination of research on cooperative learning, particularly educator research and inquiry that fosters understanding of the effects of context on implementing cooperative learning. 
  • Helps organizations develop structures that enhance cooperation in education, working toward the inclusion of people with diverse backgrounds and abilities in our schools and society. 
  • Sponsors and supports projects that extend the understanding of cooperative-learning principles in different settings. 
  • Co-sponsors international conferences that bring together educators from around the world to discuss successes and challenges and to share research and best practices in cooperative learning. 
  • Sponsors the IASCE Achievement Awards and the Elizabeth Cohen Award for Outstanding Thesis or Dissertation.

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