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IASCE 2013 awards

Please note: nominations for the following 2013 Awards have now closed. The results will be announced at the IASCE conference in Scarborough in July, with a presentation to those who were successful.

  1. The IASCE Achievement Awards
  2. The IASCE Elizabeth Cohen Award for Outstanding Thesis/Dissertation

Call for Nominations

Nominations are now open for the 2013 Awards. The closing date is 31 Jan 2013.

Details of the awards are outlined as follows with nomination forms and submission details.

A subcommittee of members of the Board of the IASCE and/or other members of the Association will review applications.

Award recipients will be invited to the international conference to be held at The Scarborough Campus of the University of Hull, England, 4-6 July 2013, to receive the award in the form of a certificate and, while at the conference, will be provided an opportunity to present their work at an appropriate venue and occasion.  IASCE will pay conference fees for each award recipient.  Award recipients are expected to pay transportation and overnight accommodation and any meal costs not included in the conference fee structure.

Award recipients will also receive life membership of IASCE.

Names of award recipients and their projects will be posted on the IASCE website and announced in the Newsletter.

1. The IASCE Achievement Awards

The IASCE Achievement Awards are intended to recognize individuals or groups who have made outstanding contributions to the field of cooperation in education.

Nominees should be proposed by a professional in the same or a related field. Individuals and groups may be nominated for one or more categories.

There are three categories for which the person or group can be nominated.  The work of a nominee may bridge categories. Please do not submit multiple nominations for any individual or group.

In explaining the work of the nominee, it is important that the nominator/proposer demonstrates the impact of the work.

The categories are:

a. Research: The nominee has published research on any aspect of cooperative learning or cooperation in education at any level of education. The research has demonstrated practical application and has contributed to understanding student academic improvement and/or democratic social processes.

b. Original materials: The nominee has created original materials that promote student academic improvement and democratic social processes at some level of education.  Materials may include the following examples but are not limited to these:

  • curriculum materials
  • textbooks about cooperative learning
  • web sites
  • visual media
  • publications that help learning organizations develop structures that enhance cooperation in education

Materials that foster inclusion of people of diverse backgrounds in schools and societies are encouraged. Materials will have wide application and make a significant contribution to education and the field of cooperative learning.

c. Service and activism: The nominee contributes to promoting student academic improvement and democratic social processes at the local, regional, national or international level. Contributions to the goals of the IASCE are evident by sustained active involvement in school organizations, networks, and/or professional associations.

Activities may include the following examples but are not limited to these:

  • writing
  • building connections between associations with similar goals
  • devising and delivering staff development programmes that have proven to lead to adoption of practice
  • demonstrating significant support in the development of regional and national cooperative learning organizations

2. The IASCE Elizabeth Cohen Award for Outstanding Thesis/Dissertation

The IASCE Award for Outstanding Thesis or Dissertation recognizes researchers in the early stages of their career, who demonstrate strong potential for contributions to the field of cooperative learning and education through the completion of a recent thesis or dissertation for the master’s or doctorate degree.  The thesis or dissertation must have been completed during the two previous years from the date of this call for nominations.  The thesis/ dissertation should be rigorous and judged to be outstanding.

IASCE will consider dissertations not written in English.  For these, an abstract in English and a two page summary of the method and results should be submitted.

Downloadable forms:

IASCE Achievement Awards - Nomination Form (Word document)

IASCE Award for Outstanding Thesis/Dissertation - Nomination Form (Word document)

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