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IASCE 2015 Proposal Submission

Our on-line proposal submission is now open.
 From 1 September 2014
Please start your proposal submission here.

To help with anonymous blind review, the process is in two parts:
Part 1* asks for your personal details - name, contact address etc. Once you have completed this and submitted the form, you will be sent an email with a personal registration number and a link to Part 2** of the process. Follow the link to a second form that asks you to provide details of your proposal. This second form uses cookies to allow you to return to it for editing purposes before you finally submit it. If you do not have cookies enabled in your browser, this editing facility will not be available to you.

We welcome more than one submission from a presenter. If you intend to submit more than one proposal, it is necessary to complete Part 1 and Part 2 of the on-line proposal submission process for each proposal.
(*  & ** see below this table)
 15 November 2014 Intended for those new to submitting proposals for IASCE conferences, the latest date that draft proposals may be submitted for pre-review guidance. (Note: pre-review proposals must be sent to yael@iasce.net). See the section 'Support for those new to the proposal submission process' near the foot of page 4 of the document here (to view) or here (to download) for details

2 January 2015

Closing date for submissions. All proposals will be reviewed after this closing date
 1 April 2015 Latest date that proposers will be notified whether their proposal has been accepted after blind review
 31 July 2015 Latest date accepted presenters should register to attend the conference to guarantee inclusion in the programme
* Part 1 of the registration process asks the following questions:
1.  Title of presenter / facilitator (Mr., Mrs., Dr., Prof. etc.) 
2.  Given / first name 
3.  Family name / surname 
4.  Job title / professional role 
5.  Affiliation / organisation / institution 
6.  Email address 
7.  Country 
8.  Co-Presenter names
9.  Title of proposed session
** Part 2 of the registration process asks the following questions:
1.  Proposer registration number (from the email you were sent)
2.  Which conference strand do you want your proposal to be part of? (you will be asked to select one from a drop-down menu)
3.  The title of your proposal
4.  What format your proposal will take? (you will be asked to select one from a drop-down menu)
5.  Summary of your proposal for the conference programme (maximum 50 words).  What you say here will be the 'advert' for your presentation/workshop
6.  Please provide a summary or abstract (maximum 250 words) of:
a. the main goals and purpose, of your presentation/workshop
b. the learning outcomes for participants - what do you expect participants to learn?
c. the presentation/workshop content
7.  Please list or describe the interactive methods you plan to utilise during your presentation/workshop
8.  Please give details of any requests for special equipment or internet access for use during your presentation/workshop. We will make every effort to provide   this for you. Please note that a flip chart and a computer projection system will be available in each room
9.  For grouped paper sessions, please indicate the titles of the two other papers that are being submitted for consideration as a three-paper session