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Odense 2015 - Keynotes, Presentations and Workshop Outlines

Keynote presentations

Lynda Baloche: Keynote Presentation (with notes)


Prof. Dr. Ayfer Kocabaş: Village Institutes in Turkey and Cooperative Learning
Maite Oller: Reading in pairs.
A peer tutoring programme to improve English as a second language with family involvement
Giovanna Malusà: Developing social skills to promote academic success for all students
Michael Boyle: Cooperative learning: The challenges for classroom teachers
(Presentation / Supporting Notes)
Claudia Matini & Daniela Pavan: An Italian model of teacher training on cooperative learning
Daniela Pavan & Claudia Matini: The dance of life - A cooperative life skills training on the grief
process in school
Rosa Maria Pons: Tool For The Analysis Of Classroom Peer Interaction
(Presentation / Paper en español)
Kevin Cahill & Fiona Chambers: Deploying Digital Tools for Cooperative learning in a Physical
Education Teacher Education Setting


Lynda Baloche: Creativity Presentation (with notes)
Yael Sharan: Can Cooperative Learning be Implemented Everywhere in the Same Way?
An Experiential Workshop
Lalita Agashe: Sustaining CL through Heart, Head and Hand
George Jacobs: First Steps Towards Successful Group Activities
(Presentation / Paper)
Celeste Brody: Cooperative Learning for Social-Emotional Competence
(Presentation / Handout)
Rene Kristensen: Supportive Teaching Workshop
Celeste Brody & Celine Buchs: Designing Presentations and Lectures for Active Participant Engagement
Presentation / Handout

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