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Wendy Jolliffe

Dr Wendy Jolliffe picture

Wendy has recently retired from her post of Head Teacher Education at the University of Hull after over 10 years. She previously worked as a national and local adviser for teacher training and was Deputy  Head of a Primary school in Hull before moving into higher education.  

Her teaching and research interests have focused on the implementation of cooperative learning, which is the subject of her PhD and she has run professional development courses in the UK and overseas. She published ‘Cooperative Learning in the Classroom: putting it into practice’ in 2007 (Sage/Paul Chapman Publishing) and is currently working with a colleague at the University of Newcastle in Australia on a publication examining implementing CL for a globalised world, featuring international case studies.  

She has been a member of the IASCE for a number of years and participated in the conference in Brisbane in 2010 and helped organise the 2013 conference in Scarborough, England and supported the 2015 conference in Odense, Denmark. She is delighted to be a member of the board of this highly influential association and to support its ongoing work to enhance CL worldwide.