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Yann Volpé

Yann Volpé - member of the IASCE board

Section des Sciences de l'éducation - Université de Genève
Bd du Pont-d'Arve 40
1211 Genève 4


Yann Volpé, Ph.D student, taught for one year in the North of England and then worked for five years as a primary teacher in Geneva. Following two years as substitute in the field of differentiated instruction in primary teacher training at the University of Geneva, he is currently working as trainer for primary schools in that city. Additionally, he frames and supports beginning teachers.

His master’s thesis centered on the declared Cooperative Learning (CL) practices of primary teachers following a short training period, and documented both the restraining and favorable conditions for the implementation of CL. On a couple of occasions, he also undertook the role of CL trainer. The focus of his Ph.D. thesis is on the analysis of activity and the process through which pre-service teachers and beginning teachers renormalize their dispositions to act through educational formats.