Maureen Breeze

Maureen Breeze, Co-President
Education Consultant
[email protected]
Maureen Breeze, M.Ed., has followed a less conventional route to co-operative learning. She spent many years working for the UK Co-operative Movement, developing the co-operative skills of young people and adults in both formal and informal settings and promoting co-operative alternatives to the creation and maintenance of sustainable organisations and communities.

She believes that co-operative learning is a means of developing individuals’ co-operative values, which are essential to empower effective co-operation within all levels of society. Maureen is currently the South West Regional Co-ordinator of the Schools’ Co-operative Society in England, which brings together around 200 co-operative schools, and a freelance education consultant and researcher.

She has developed a module of a Masters programme on co-operative approaches to teaching and learning in partnership with the University of Plymouth and currently teaches this module. She has guest edited two special education editions of the UK Journal of Co-operative Studies, Winter 2011 and Autumn 2013, both which focused upon co-operative approaches in education. In her spare time, Maureen is active in her local community co-operative, which she co-founded in 2005, and is a governor of a Co-operative Academy