Resources for Cooperative Learning

Complex Instruction
Elizabeth Cohen
Stanford University

Kagan Cooperative Learning Catalog

Tribes: A New Way of Learning and Being Together
Jeanne Gibbs

Elliot Aronson’s Jigsaw Classroom

Success for All
Robert Slavin and Bette Chambers
Johns Hopkins University

Cooperative Learning Homepage
Roger T. Johnson
David W. Johnson
University of Minnesota

Educators for Social Responsibility

The United Kingdom Co-operative College
Co-sponsors of the 2002 Manchester Conference

Ted Panitz’s homepage
Resources for cooperative learning and writing across the curriculum

Resources in Science and Engineering Education

Cooperative Learning
California Department of Education
An excellent overview of cooperative learning’s response to diversity in the classroom, this site contains several links to other cooperative learning resources.

Cooperative Learning Network
Sheridan College
An information-rich site devoted to uses of cooperative learning in college classrooms.

George M. Jacobs Cooperative Learning WWW Resources

Annotated Bibliography of Works on Second Language Instruction Related to Cooperative Learning Specifically or More Generally to Small Group Activities

National Institute for Science Education

Journal of Student Centered Learning
Barbara Millis, Editor
IASCE is a featured contributor to this publication.

Developmental Studies Center
Dedicated to children’s intellectual, ethical, and social development.

Center for The Study of Learning and Performance
Concordia University
Montreal, Quebec
Canada J7V 5E8
ERIC Abstracts on Cooperative Learning
Type “cooperative learning” in the “Wizard” or the “Quick Search” text box.
A national resource for ideas that promote understanding and acceptance

On-Line Collaborative Learning in Higher Education
A website from Central Queensland University, Australia devoted to world’s best practice in online collaborative learning in higher education.

The Collaborative Learning Project A network of teaching professionals across Europe, developing and disseminating accessible teaching materials in all subject areas and for all ages. At the same website, The Intercultural Education Partnership: A partnership designed to share practice in Intercultural Education. For more information, contact Stuart Scott at [email protected]

Rhoades To Reading A reading program designed by Jacqueline Rhoades and associates for older students who have not yet learned to read. The instructional range is K-8.9 and contains over 50 cooperative learning activities that are integrated into lesson sequences.

Many additional links to cooperative learning resources
can be found throughout the IASCE newsletters.